The Specwar™ is the most affordable full auto multi-caliber rifle silencer line we offer. Featuring patent-pending Active Spring Retention (ASR™) technology, the Specwar mounts to a proprietary flash hider or muzzle brake to facilitate solid, trouble-free lockup; installation and removal of the silencer takes seconds. Ease of use and an uncompromising dedication to toughness make the Specwar a top choice for sound suppression across multiple calibers. Even when undergoing full auto fire, the Specwar line performs to the highest level due to the Stellite™ baffle construction.

SilencerCo Spectra 7.62



    5.56mm – .300 RUM 24.0 oz



    1.50″ 9.00″



    Stellite & Stainless Steel 300 BLK: 119.8 dB
    5.56mm: 130.2 dB
    .308 WIN: 134.3 dB

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