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The venerable Titanium Kodiak Rimfire silencer from Liberty!The Liberty Kodiak TL (T - Titanium  & L - Lightweight) is the latest version of Liberty's Rimfire lineup.

It weights 6 ounces and the external footprint is the same as the normal Kodiak (1"x 6.5").  It uses a titanium tube along with a stainless steel monolithic core and rear cap.  It is also a take apart design as well.  The Kodiak TL is provided with the special tools needed for disassembly as well.

Tested at 113.4dB on a Ruger MK II with a 3.5" barrel.

Note: This unit is rated for full auto in 22LR only.


  • CALIBER RATING .17 HMR, .22 LR, .22 MAG
    THREAD PITCH 1/2x28
    COLOR Black
    LENGTH 6.675"
    DIAMETER Diameter 1.0"
    WEIGHT 6.3 oz
    FULL-AUTO RATED Full-Auto Rated
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