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Once again, Innovative Arms brings a top-of-the-line suppressor to firearm fanatics. With the introduction of their Interceptor 5.56 quick-attach silencer, chalk up yet another bullseye for this forward-thinking team. A highly-effective and convenient unit, the Interceptor 5.56 offers premium sound suppression (33–36 dB), recoil reduction, and precision accuracy in a compact model (6.6” long).

Producing out of suppressor-loving South Carolina, our Innovative Arms friends developed the Interceptor 5.56mm silencer with versatility and convenience in mind. Considering its unmatched sturdiness, adding one to your expanding suppressor collection will make you the envy of any gun range. (And we all know how confidence improves a shooter’s aim!)


  • CALIBER RATING 5.56mm (.223)
    COLOR Black
    LENGTH 6.6"
    DIAMETER Diameter 1.5"
    WEIGHT 20 oz
    FULL-AUTO RATED Full-Auto Rated
    MANUFACTURER Innovative Arms
    BUILD MATERIAL Stainless Steel
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