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Available in 110 Grain TAC-TX FB and 120 Grain TAC-TX BT in VOR-TX Ammunition and TAC-TX reloading components, Barnes legitimized the 300 Blackout as an extremely lethal hunting cartridge.

Engineered exclusively for the 300 Blackout, the competition doesn't compete with the accuracy, terminal performance and wide range of workability the Barnes TAC-TX delivers in this cartridge. The secret to this bullet's performance?

  • Bullet profile ensures flawless function and feeding in AR-style rifles. The cavity provides for rapid expansion, devastating energy transfer. An excellent choice for whitetail, hogs and defense initiatives.
  • Specially engineered nose cavity expands rapidly. Tremendous energy dump shocks the animal’s system, causing major disruption to vital organs.
  • All-copper design retains nearly all of the bullet's weight for deep, pass-through penetration. Maximum destruction of tissue, bones and vital organs for DRT performance.

Barnes 300 Black Out 110 Grain TAC-TX FB

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