The AAC Mini-4 is the result of a request for an ultra-compact can for 5.56mm rifles and carbines. The Mini4 features the same fully welded all-Inconel guts as our M4-2000. With an overall weight of 13 ounces and adding less than 3 inches to the overall length of the host weapon, it is easy to disregard the Mini4 until the shooting starts. Despite its compact dimensions, the Mini4 reduces the muzzle signature below the 140 decibel threshold at the shooterís ear and dramatically reduces visible flash.

As of July 2015, all Mini-4's will now ship with an included 51T Flash Hider in 1/2x28!

AAC MINI 4 5.56

  • CALIBER RATING 5.56mm (.223)
    COLOR Black
    LENGTH 5.25"
    DIAMETER Diameter 1.5"
    WEIGHT 13.5 oz
    FINISH High Temperature Cerakote™
    FULL-AUTO RATED Full-Auto Rated
    BUILD MATERIAL 316L Stainless Steel, Inconel 718