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Custom Rifles & AR 15

Custom Rifle Packages. We build fully custom rifles, and as such, every aspect of your rifle is subject to your own customization.

Guardian Tactical  11.5"  .223 Caliber Select Fire 

11.5 Inch Modification to Palo Pinto Constable Office 

Guardian Tactical Patriot  16"   223 Semi Auto 

Guardian Tactical Patriot 16" 300 Black Out 30 round mag Semi Auto. 

Guardian Tactical Defender 

10.5 "  .223  30 round mag Semi Auto 

Guardian Tactical Defender 

5.5 "  9mm 30 round mag Semi Auto 

IGurdian Tactical Scout 5.5"  9 mm -- 30 round mag semi Auto 

Modifications to Throckmorton County AR-15 

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